Monday, July 29, 2013

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French Market Restaurant & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato My plan for lunch yesterday was to go to Central Grocery in New Orleans for a a traditional muffaletta.  However, Central Grocery, unbeknownst to this simple NOLA visitor, is closed on Sundays.  So I just kept walking for a couple of blocks and then turned the corner.  As I'm turning it hits me "I'm still hungry and there is a seafood restaurant right here.  Why not?"  So I did!  I walked right in to The Original French Market Restaurant and Bar.

Being early on a Sunday afternoon and being further into the French Quarter than most first-time NOLA visitors might venture, I had plenty of seats from which to choose.  I opted for a place at the bar where Heather greeted me.  In addition to my lunch, I very much enjoyed visiting with her.  Just know that if she makes a menu recommendation...take it!!  I thoroughly LOVED both items she suggested.  Additionally, she was so gracious on refilling my sweet tea multiple times (maybe 12...hey, I was thirsty from walking the Quarter that morning).

I had mentioned to Heather of my lunch plan at Central Grocery and she agreed that they had the best traditional muffaletta.  But she then said "we have a great seafood muffaletta.  I scanned the description and agreed that was what I needed so I ordered a half (if you've never had a muffaletta please know that they are usually 9-10 inches round.  It was LOADED with stuff and I eventually had to use a fork to eat the "droppings" from my plate.  The sandwich was a bit dry, due to the nature of the Italian style large bun and all the fried seafood, but Heather did set a condiment caddy by me so that I could add ketchup, mustard, mayo, Tabasco, etc.
Seafood Muffaletta
Fried shrimp, oysters, crawfish, and catfish with olive salad
Just as I thought I was done she asked if I wanted dessert.  I gave a pause before answering, long enough for her to ask if I liked bread pudding.  I said "not usually".  She responded that it was never one of her favorites either but that they have an amazing white-chocolate-praline bread pudding that is just "wonderful".  Since she didn't lead me astray on the muffaletta I went for it.  Let's just say...I'd eat a whole pan of this stuff and wouldn't share with anyone...sorry Mom.  WOW, it was x 2.
White Chocolate Praline Bread Pudding
I will definitely be adding The Original French Market Restaurant and Bar to my NOLA travels in the future.

And remember, happy eating is only and adventure away.

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