Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bazinga for Red Beans and Rice

Jim's Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon A couple of days ago I learned that my favorite place for fried chicken had closed down.  RIP to Bobo's Chicken!  Your deliciousness ... no, Bobo-liciousness ... will never be forgotten.

Now I begin my quest for the next "great" chicken place in Oklahoma.  Using the member based rating system on I decided to plan a visit to Jim's Fried Chicken in Nicoma Park, just outside of Oklahoma City.  Jim's had a 94% approval rating and some pretty great reviews.  Today, I was able to convince some friends to join me.

Jim's is housed in a small stand alone building along NW 23rd Street.  As we were arriving near 2:00 PM it wasn't a surprise to find only one other car in the parking lot.  We walked in and immediately heavenly scents greeted us; we all smiled up as we looked at each in reaction to the aroma.  As we ordered, a line began to form behind us.  This small restaurant was suddenly very crowded; most of these next orders were "to go" which might be best due to the small nature of the dining area.

We each ordered 2 pieces.  The others ordered one of the meal packages which came with choices of small sides.  I ordered a la carte and paired a medium size red beans and rice (a dish with lots of popular mentions in Urbanspoon's reviews) and a medium size macaroni and cheese (a hand written notice of this being available today).

The chicken (a wing and breast for me) was so warm and juicy and it had some nice spices in it.  It was GOOD chicken and yet, sadly, it was not good enough to rival Bobo's for me.  The one thing, however, that will most likely keep me returning to Jim's will be the red beans and rice.  I have a family back ground with strong southern Louisiana and Cajun influences.  I've had some amazing RB&R at a variety of places (like Lea's Lunchroom in Lecompte, LA) and this RB&R is absolutely the BEST that I've had outside of Louisiana!  It is smooth, well cooked (each the beans and the rice), WONDERFULLY seasoned, and even has andouille sausage mixed in (I would have liked a tad more andouille).

The RB&R alone will be enough to get me to return to Jim's and while there I'm sure I'll enjoy more chicken and mac&cheese (other group members also recommend the fried okra and fried fruit pies).

I do highly recommend that you venture to Jim's Fried Chicken and check it out for yourself.  Try the chicken, sure, but make sure and try the red beans and rice!!

Until next time, happy eating is only an adventure away!

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