Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kimchee Burger??

S & B Burger Joint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Over the past two or so years I've heard about S & B Burgers and witnessed a couple of their locations being built near two areas of Oklahoma City that I frequent. But it was not until a couple of days ago that I seriously thought about seeking one out for a dining experience.

I posted a question on Facebook and Twitter for my friends/followers to address asking about their opinions on S & B Burgers. There a wide variety of responses from casual acquaintances to close friends whose opinions I would highly respect. Some gave preferences for other burger joints in the area...some that I like and some that I find are "just ok"...while others were very adamant that S & B was a great choice. When one particular set of well-respected friends said that it was one of their favorite places I knew I had to try it...and soon. I text Michael & Deanna to see if they had dinner plans for that night.  They did not and were agreeable to meet me at the North May Ave. (Quail Springs area) location.

Imagine my surprise to learn that Monday nights (this was a Monday) was $5 burger night!!!

Based upon previous recommendations, as well as those presented in response to my question, I decided to try the "Hot Lips"...a Korean BBQ grilled patty with leaf lettuce, grilled onions, and house made kimchee...and, since the burger was only going to be $5, I also ordered a "Blue Colombian" braised beef with onions, cilantro & blue cheese guacamole served on top of two double layered 3-inch diameter corn tortillas.

I like blue cheese but I'm not a major fan. This taco's guacamole had a STONG blue cheese flavor which ended up growing on me after a couple of bites. The coffee flavor on the beef was an extra bonus "something special". It was something that I know I will grow to enjoy and will love to order again.
Overall the "Hot Lips" burger was good. I was a little disappointed in the lack of major heat or intense flavor of the kimchee itself. However, after two weeks in Korea this past summer, true kimchee can grow "old" on my palate so I'm sort of glad that I was able to enjoy the hint of flavor without the burger being overwhelmed with the fermented cabbage mixture. While there are many other burger styles I plan to try, I'll definitely revisit the "Hot Lips".
I'm pleased by my visit to S & B Burgers and will absolutely add it to my list of favorite places to visit!

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