Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sticky at Sully's Saloon

Sully's Saloon & Restaurant on Urbanspoon It's my first night in Louisville for the yearly conference that I attend. For dinner, my group of friends I walked 4th Street Live for a place to settle for dinner. There wasn't a wait at Sully's (a place we've never visited in previous years--not sure it even existed) so we picked it.

Walking to the table should have been the first hint that this could have been a poor choice. The floor was absolutely sticky!--as in it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned/mopped in a long time. Additionally, there was a strong odor of something that smelled like spoiled beer, but this odor was restricted to one area along our walk to our table. Looking around we noticed that we were basically the only ones present...but that would change somewhat over the next hour or so. Sticky and smelly don't create an atmosphere that is pleasant for a place to eat (or do much else).

As we began looking at the menu and asking our server questions on his personal favorites and other popular items, we were informed that several items on the menu were not available tonight because they "ran out" at a private party the previous night; basically any item which featured pulled-pork was off limits tonight. I settled on the "Good Morning Burger" which featured country ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, over easy egg, maple bourbon aioli on a toasted bun. As I'm writing this and reflecting on what was served...I don't think the country ham ever made it on the burger. each of the other guys got the "Dublin Burger"...a basic burger with tobacco onions and BBQ sauce. Two of us had the cheeses garlic mashed potatoes as a side while e others had French fries.

Over all the food was pretty good!!!

However, that smell and the stickiness greeted us again as we won't greet me again. I don't care how great the food is at a place, if your atmosphere is not condusive to a basic standard of  quality dining then it won't include me as a customer.

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