Monday, July 10, 2017

Feeling Nostalgic

Big Ed's Hamburgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoDuring the past couple of weeks I've been house-sitting for some friends and their dogs. As I would drive from their house to me house to check on things I kept passing by the sole remaining location of the Big Ed's Hamburger "empire" which had its pinnacle in the lay 1980s and early 1990s; Ed Thomas had 50 restaurants mostly in Oklahoma with a handful in southern Kansas.

My father loved to eat at Big Ed's and I remember always being fascinated by the idea that Ed offered a free meal to anyone who would order the special 12 inch loaded burger and accompanying trough of French fries if it could all be eaten within 45 minutes by a single person. I never knew of anyone who tried but I am sure many made the attempt. Big Ed's also offered a really large burger as a family style option which would be sliced like a pie for serving/sharing.

Personal financial problems stemming from health care needs for his wife following a bad car wreck compelled Ed to sell his beloved business in 1996. Ed Thomas himself died in early 2009. One location remains, located at 122nd and North Pennsylvania Avenue. You can still order the larger burger for your family.

So today for lunch, feeling a bit nostalgic for this place my father loved and that I had some pleasant memories of family time as a child, I stopped at Big Ed's. I ordered a bacon cheese burger with mayo and made it a combo with their French fries which the cut fresh each day and cook upon each order and a medium Dr. Pepper.

The burger was solid. It was clearly made to order and a had a nice taste to it. The bacon was crisp, the cheese just perfectly melted, and veggies were fresh. The fries, while clearly freshly cooked and cut just that morning, were very weak on flavor; no seasoning at all, just cut and then cooked in the hot oil before being served. They were hot which is a plus, but they were bland.

The burger will bring me back but the fries won't be ordered again. It's been years since I've eaten at Big Ed's (long before my died dad and that was 1997). 

It's funny how nostalgia works. I'm glad I stopped in as it gave me some pleasant memories and a solid burger!

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