Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I'm Hooked

Off The Hook Seafood & More Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Several years ago a Starbucks opened near Britton and Broadway Extension in NE Oklahoma City. I thought "awesome, a Starbucks immediately available on my direct route to work!!!" Before I had a chance to fully enjoy this location being on my commute. I'm guessing that they weren't getting the business they needed; most of the traffic was on Broadway Extension and not enough people were exiting for coffee only to reenter the rush-hour traffic.

So the building sits empty.



Empty for a couple of years.

And then ... there's some obvious activity. What's it going to be? What's going to open? A restaurant? I like food! Oh I'm excited.  I'll have to check out whatever it is when it opens!

Driving home ... it looks closed.

Driving home ... it looks closed.

I pull in an check (after seeing this restaurant for over two years). They close at 4:00 each day. Bummer. I work SOUTH so lunch is out. They close at 4:00 so dinner is out.

So late this summer I made a point to get over there for lunch. The parking lot is PACKED. Every table is full. There is a line. These are all good signs.

I ordered the Fried Fish & Shrimp Basket with catfish and then the cheesy grits as my side. The shrimp had such a delicious spiciness to its batter. I found myself licking my fingers after eating each one. The catfish filet was so fresh tasting and the batter, while not as a spicy as the shrimp, was light and delicious itself. And the cheesy grits were just perfect! Tender grits, ideally cooked, buttery & creamy, with just the right amount of cheesiness.

I have been back twice since then.

For both of other times I've had the Smothered Seafood. This dish features a lobster cream sauce with shrimp, crawfish, lump crab, and baby clams all mixed together and then served over rice or french fries; both times I opted for the rice. If you order the traditional Smothered Seafood you can add either a filet of catfish or a serving of five shrimp to the order as an upgrade. OR, you can simply order the Super Smothered Seafood and get both the catfish and the shrimp included. 😉 The first of these two subsequent visits I had the Smothered Seafood and added the catfish filet and then also added an order of Cajun Butter Frog Legs--it's been YEARS (like childhood) since I've eaten frog legs and I just had to. And you know...I'll do it again soon because they were so wonderful and tender and tasted both like chicken legs and not like chicken legs at the same time (I can't explain that paradox, just know that they were good). The other time I did the Super Smothered Seafood (sadly, not pictured). That lobster sauce, whether smothered or supers mothered is just WONDERFUL with all of those seafood bits and flavors all mixed up together.

The flavors and experience all make me feel like I'm eating somewhere in southern Louisiana even though we are still in northeast Oklahoma City. I know I need to try other options on the menu, because I'm sure they will be just as wonderful!

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