Monday, January 7, 2013

Needed Some SPICY Comfort

McAlister's Deli on Urbanspoon For the past few weeks I've had this cold thing that just won't leave.  It's intensity comes and goes and today it was especially strong while trying to resume work following Winter Break.  Since I was not feeling all that great I was definitely in need of some comfort food and a warm sandwich and hot bowl of soup just sounded like it would "hit the spot".

A co-worker/friend and I ventured to our local McAlister's Deli in Moore, OK.  McAlister's is one of my regular lunch stops because I just love the food and fabulous sweet tea.  While purusing the menu the word "spicy" just kept calling my name for my sandwich choice and I ultimately settled on the Spicy Southwest Chicken Griller.  This delight includes: "sliced grilled chicken breast topped with guacamole, fire-roasted corn and poblano pepper relish, pepper jack cheese and chipotle ranch on a ciabatta roll."  It is just wonderful to have all of those flavors in my mouth at once.

With your sandwich selection you have the choice of one of McAlister's wonderful side dishes.  Typically I'll go for some mac & cheese which would have fit wonderfully in with my comfort food quest today.  But today, in addition to the "spicy", I also wanted a nice cup of soup.  For an extra $2 you can have a cup of soup as your sandwich's side and I selected their rich and cream broccoli cheese soup.  The soup today was just a tad thinner than I prefer but the flavors were all still there.

And of course, in my opinion, not trip to McAlister's is complete without a cup of that fabulous sweet tea.  I just love to guzzle that stuff down which eating my meal and smile when the wait staff comes by to provide a refill.  One more refill for the road and I am just in sweet tea heaven.

Sometimes you just need to comfort food (spicy or not) and McAlister's delivered today.  I returned to work and a long meeting with a little extra "giddy-up" in my "go".

Until next time, happy eating is only an adventure away!

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