Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting a Little Crusty

Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza on Urbanspoon The "Classen Curve" at the intersection of Classen Avenue and Grand Boulevard (near NW 63rd and Western Avenue) in northwest Oklahoma City is just bustling with activity.  There are lots of shops and restaurants catering to a variety of tastes.

One of my favorite restaurants at Classen Curve is Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza.  Upper Crust features a diverse menu and yet features hand-tossed thin New York style pizza cooked over open flame in one of its two brick ovens.  While there are pre-designed pizza options on the menu you can also have one made to suit your tastes.  Upper Crust also provides featured options which are not necessarily on the menu.  On my first visit the night's showcase pizza was a wonderful Italian meatball.

Tonight I joined some friends at Upper Crust and, again, was far from disappointed with my selections.  One of tonight's off-menu features was an Italian Nachos: fried spinach chips topped with spicy ground beef, peppers, pepperoncinis, olives, and a variety of cheeses.  Simply a light and delicious way to start the evening.

 Following the nacho appetizer, my friends and I each ordered the Farmer's Market Salad: Boston Bibb lettuce, mixed with arugula, fuji apples, candied walnuts, and Gorgonzola cheese and tossed with a tasty white balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  The crispness of the apples and the mixtures of the sweet and sour flavors provided such a wonderful in-between course.

For our main course we made selections from the pre-designed menu.  Each pizza has an approximate 12" diameter and can easily feed two (even three if you've enjoyed salad and appetizers).  My friends slit a Numbers (pie sauce, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, spicy sausage, crispy prosciutto, and jalapenos) while I selected a Flying Pig (pig sauce, fresh mozzarella, “bricked” chicken, smoked bacon, and ranch swirl).  The Numbers looked so delicious and spicy.  The Flying Pig is a bacon lover's dream; the flavors just worked so well together.  I'm so glad that I was able to bring about half of it home with me so I'll have another round of enjoyment for lunch tomorrow!  The Flying Pig is definitely one of my favorite pre-designeds.  Perhaps I'll build my own next time just to see how creative I can get.

the Numbers (well, 2/3rds of one)

the Flying Pig (half covered with freshly grated Parmesan)

Whether you're out for the start of a night on the town or just venturing out of your neighborhood for a nice bite to eat you should consider Upper Crust.  You won't be disappointed by their pizzas.  I do still intend to try something else from their menu and yet I've always gone for the pizza.

Until next time, happy eating is only an adventure away.

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