Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I've thought about starting this blog on food for quite some time.  I do have another blog which has a theme of exploring new locations and/or adventures.  While food explorations fit within that, sometimes my postings her may be more about just describing a restaurant, what I ate, how well I enjoyed it, etc. and not really have as strong of a linkage for the other blog's theme.

Additionally, I've already developed a little bit of a knack for writing about food.  As of right now, I have written 54 reviews on  I really like Urbanspoon as a way to learn about a restaurant before visiting, seeing how others react to this place.  Urbanspoon also has a mobile phone app which features a "slot machine" way of randomly selecting a restaurant by location within a metro area, the type of cuisine, and the price range.

Urbanspoon, however, has geographic limitations.  It only allows reviews for restaurants in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.  I like to travel and I've eaten (and no doubt will eat into the future) at places around the world.  While I've actually reviewed one restaurant in London, there are many other places which I cannot review through this platform.  Perhaps the forum of this blog will let me provide "a voice" for or to help showcase those other culinary delights.

I'm sure from time to time I'll even repost many of those urbanspoon reviews here.  I've been told that some are wonderful, even when they can get a bit snarky.

Until next time, happy eating is only an adventure away!

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