Monday, June 19, 2017

Making Italian Mommas Happy

Otello Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoOne of my favorite restaurants in Washington, DC is Otello. Located just off of DuPont Circle, Otello is an awesome Italian restaurant.

The daughter of some friends of mine lives in the DC area; she's stationed here as part of here military duties. She and her siblings like to call me "Uncle David" even though there is no real blood-family relationship. I had written to her a few weeks about about having dinner while I was in town and we set something up for this past Friday evening. Her boyfriend, also military, was able to join us.

As they got to the restaurant they both admitted to being skeptical about this place. His family is of Italian descent and his momma is known for her cooking. So they were prepared to be disappointed it.

She ordered Fettuccine Alfredo and he and I both ordered the Gnocchi Della Casa. The skepticism on their faces was completely wiped away. He started talking about how his mom would LOVE to eat this and they both talked about how they should bring her to eat at Otello the next time that she is in DC. While she was not able to finish her big bowl of fettuccine, he did eat all of his gnocchi. He had sauce left and got a to go box for the sauce so that he could pour it over his own pasta the next night.

I just smiled. 😊 This was my third visit to Otello. I remember having lasagna and spaghetti before. I knew that tonight would not disappoint!!

Not one of my pictures; I was too hungry to wait.
I found this one online and I hope there are no copyright violations.

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